At Red Thread Creative Starts At The End

By Jeff Ertz, Director Post Production & Technology




As a video and audio generalist and post production czar at Red Thread, I’m always looking to leverage the latest or most proven technologies to tell a story. Storytelling is most effective when it elicits an emotional response from its intended audience and spawns some level of engagement. There are countless tactics to prompt engagement and spread excitement for a client’s story or brand, but one of the main tenets of my role lies in technological efficiency. Creative and post production, marketing and broadcast: these were once disparate departments and worlds.  At Red Thread we bridge the divide.


Let’s say a client’s idea for a co-branded campaign is brought into our creative department, the creative directors, executive producers, director and producers all work on hammering out the narrative. While the storyboards are laid out and creative briefs are fine-tuned, post-production begins working with the briefs to plan out the parameters of the campaign from acquisition to delivery. Some directors of photography like specific cameras, some directors prefer certain lenses and looks, while some clients like smaller crew footprints or want to see dailies immediately. If pre-production doesn’t factor in these kinds of considerations early on, the integrity of the story can suffer.


Red Thread uses Avid Media Composer as our ‘go-to’ editing software; its ISIS shared storage hardware and Interplay environment easily customize project workflows. Along with a number of custom-configured components, our post network includes a searchable database filled with years of client footage and the mechanisms to send and receive footage in real time to and from remote editing stations. Let’s say we have a shoot in Los Angeles or London and we’re running post from NYC, we can use our remote stations to deliver that footage to our office where editing can begin the moment it is received. Or if we’re onsite and the client wants to make sure the framing of a shot matches something from last year, they can see the comparison on the remote station. This flexibility greatly reduces the need to fix mistakes after shooting has wrapped.


Our technological investments and workflow capabilities have bolstered long-term relationships with our clients. They like that we can quickly show them in-edit comparisons between the last few years of campaigns, which help us steer them toward more unique creative approaches while still in pre-production. They also like that our team can edit in NYC while they work on an event in another part of the world. This kind of flexibility in content management and distribution was once relegated to large networks and agencies. Working with vendors and partners, Red Thread is able to address and minimize efficiency issues that often get in the way of thoughtful storytelling.