Erin Aftisse

Project Manager

Erin has over 20 years of experience producing and coordinating meetings and conventions for corporations such as M&M Mars, Telemundo, L’Oréal, Subaru, Genera

Phil Allocco

Writer / Director / Filmmaker

PHIL ALLOCCO (director/writer/producer) has garnered over 40 awards for his films and screenplays in categories such as Best Director, Best Narrative Feature, Best Short.

John Andersen

Post-Production Supervisor

John brings 13 years of experience to his role as post production supervisor. In addition to managing Red Thread’s media server, database and archive...

Joanne Corrar

Operations / Finance

Joanne brings a diverse work experience to Red Thread Productions, including 20 years of experience managing corporate communications and event production companies. As t

Melissa Doyle

Writer / Creative Director

Melissa brings more than 20 years of corporate communications, speech coaching, creative directing, and event production experience to the Red Thread team. She has...

Jackie Eagan

Producer / Post-Production Supervisor

Jackie brings over two decades of award winning editing, producing and directing experience to the Red Thread team. Her contributions include producing on-site for...

Jeff Ertz

Director Post Production & Technology

Jeff Ertz is a broadcast and film editor, sound designer, post systems administrator and composer whose work spans platforms and media. At Red Thread,...

RA Fedde


RA Fedde is an integral part of the Red Thread creative team. Her outstanding editing and producing skills have brought the feature length documentary,...

Connie Grazia

Exec Producer / Director/ Principal

Connie is a principal of Red Thread, an award winning producer/director. She also serves as a board member of The Abangoh Children’s Project. Since...

Tony Grazia

Producer / Director

With over 25 years in the film and commercial industry, Tony has earned a reputation for his integrity, creativity and cutting-edge innovative filmmaking. He...

Keri Hoovler

Assistant Editor

Keri is an Assistant Editor at Red Thread. After graduating from Temple University’s Media and Production program, she has been heavily involved with post...

Adrienne Klein Ratto


Emmy winning TV producer Adrienne Klein Ratto has more than 15 years experience as a news producer with CNN. She has received recognition for...

Rachel Lengel

Producer / Director

Rachel is a producer who began her television career at the BBC’s factual entertainment office in New York. She has produced content for The...

Nadine C. Licostie

Exec Producer / Director/ Principal

With her passion for theater, film, television, and new media, Nadine has directed projects with some of the top talent across these diverse media....

Peter Mariuzza


Peter has worked in the film and video industry for 20 years, 15 as a director of photography. Peter’s various shooting styles and his...

Scott D. Rosenbaum

Writer / Producer / Director

Scott Rosenbaum is a New York-based independent writer/director/producer. His latest film is the award-winning documentary, Sidemen: Long Road To Glory.

Randy Scott Slavin

Director / Editor

Randy Scott Slavin is an award-winning director specializing in music videos, branded content and other short-form media. Slavin’s work continues to be broadcast on

We are an agency of award-winners, quality zealots, brand whisperers, creative directors, movie directors, quantitative focusers, technology jockeys, story boarders and story builders, copywriters and screen writers, MBAs and PAs, word editors and film editors, idea honers, showrunners, sound wizards, prop masters…

Our studio is equipped with the most cutting-edge, collaborative post-production software and equipment available. Utilizing the tenets of the Avid Media Composer and its Interplay platform, we can quickly and securely provide the best quality products and services for any media production. From live events to television and film, our post services can provide real-time collaboration across the globe.